Customer Profile
Company Carat is a universal insurance company that provides more than 30 types of insurance services, and uses a broad regional network and unique technology for reliable insurance coverage of a wide range of risks. Currently it has 5 offices in the cities of the republic. In other parts of the republic there are official representatives of the company. The number of qualified staff is 117 employees, including insurance agents.

Carat insurance company invited tenders for a contract to develop an automated insurance system. Among main requirements was automation of all insurance types:
✓ insurance of citizens going abroad
✓ insurance of civil liability
✓insurance of property
✓ insurance against accidents
✓ insurance of vehicles
✓ cargo Insurance
✓ medical insurance
✓ retirement insurance

Our company was recognized as the best bid for development and implementation of the software solution.

Implementation of “Insurance” hardware and software package included:
✓ development and approving of new business processes
✓ development and implementation of structured cable network
✓ installation and setting up of servers
✓ installation and setting up of the first 10 work places (Windows workstations)
✓ adjustment of the informational system “Insurance” to the requirements of the customer
As a result of the implementation of the “Insurance” system, the client was provided a reliable high-performance automated system for all operations related to insurance business.

Carat Insurance

“Carat” Insurance Company, Moldova
Project size:
1 years
Team size:
4 developers
Key Features: