Customer Profile
Company Duchis-Trans is an international freight transportation company with head office location in Chisinau, Moldova. Its principal activity is the road and intermodal freight transportation directly from Moldova and neighboring countries in the region (Romania, Ukraine, Belarus, Russia, Bulgaria, and Turkey) to all regions of Europe and Asia, as well as in the opposite direction. The company has its own car park in Chisinau. Company’s rolling stock consists of more than 40 trucks.

Customer looked for a convenient system for searching, publishing, recording and sharing offers for freight. Freight companies and cargo carriers were supposed to become principal users of the system.Among the major requirements to the system were providing multi-language user-friendly interface, sustainability of the system to data load, simple maintenance and content management as well as opportunity to place advertising banners and ads. International freight exchange system was to contain special paid protected sections to provide services for transportation. Also, the customer wanted the system to be able to export and import data in and from similar systems.
When designing the first version of the system, it was decided to use the MS Windows platform and ASP technology as well as MS SQL, because this approach best met the requirements of the customer. While creating the system developers kept in mind the possibility of filling into the system of different legal-informative materials on freight.Further development of the system represents a shift to providing paid information services. Development of free services is also in view.In this regard, it was decided to enhance the system with export / import data functionality in and from other similar systems.AJAX technology made it possible to significantly reduce traffic and load on the server. MS SQL and ASP allowed for further development of the system using new technologies of ASP.NET.
Our customer is a cargo carriers company. The developed system allows it to have exclusive access to the latest information regarding offers for freight and users of the system. Currently 1500+ freight offers per day are being registered in the system. For 3 years the system has had more than 4500 users.NetInfo have developed and promoted the system’s web site. Traffic has grown from 4.6 million visits per year to nearly 40 million.Customers placing advertisements on the website use website’s services free of charge.Traffic has grown from 4.6 million visits per year to almost 40 million.

GeoTrans Freight Exchange

Project size:
1,5 years
Team size:
3 developers
Key Features: